Self-contained Wi-Fi module simplifies Internet connectivity

Self-contained Wi-Fi module simplifies

Internet connectivity

Paul Buckley – January 6, 2013

Texas Instruments Incorporated is offering developers a solution to the challenges posed by the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution with the company’s introduction of the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 module.

The IoT enables devices to be wirelessly connected to the home network and to the cloud. However, headless devices with no keypads or touchscreens including garage door openers, home appliances, lights, thermostats and treadmills can be complicated to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

The self-contained SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 module features the SmartConfig technology, a Wi-Fi configuration process developed by TI that allows multiple in-home devices without displays to connect to a Wi-Fi network via a smartphone or tablet – in just one easy step. To see how simple SmartConfig technology is, watch the video here:

The CC3000 module now also supports service discovery applications on phones, tablets and PCs using Bonjour zero-configuration networking technology, making it easier for consumers to quickly identify and manage networked devices. The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 module is compatible with low-cost, low-memory microcontroller (MCU) systems, such as TI’s MSP430 family.

“The need to easily connect display-less devices to the wireless network has become a barrier to wide deployment of connected-home products,” said Gil Reiter, marketing director, Wireless Connectivity Solutions, TI. “With TI’s SmartConfig technology, ODMs can reduce the complexity of consumers’ in-home provisioning through a simple Wi-Fi setup application for smartphones or tablets that gets a SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000-enabled device on the network with just one click. Once devices are connected, the consumer’s experience gets even better with intuitive service discovery capabilities that allow for easy device control and monitoring.”

Availability and Pricing

SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 pre-production modules are sampling now.

Production modules will be available in 1Q 2013 through TI authorized distributors for $9.99 in 1,000-unit quantities.

The SmartConfig technology iOS app is available now on the App Store.

The SmartConfig technology app will be available for Android in 1Q 2013.

CC3000 SimpleLink Wi-Fi Module information page
CC3000 Evaluation Module information page

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This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe.



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