New Microsites Coming to the Lattice Web Site

New Microsites Coming to the Lattice Web Site

Microsites are becoming ever more popular on the Internet, and visitors to the Lattice web site can expect to see microsites for key Lattice products and applications in the near future.

Our microsites will be 1 to 2 screens long and are intended to showcase a specific Lattice product in a particular application. Compared to conventional web pages, our microsite content is concise, easy to read and targeted. Visitors can quickly scan and understand the key features of Lattice products in a particular application, and learn more.

We are currently creating microsites for selected Lattice products and applications as part of the rollout.

The first two pilot microsites are:

We’re excited about these new microsites, which provide a simple experience for reviewing a product or application “snapshot,” as well as links to additional, more detailed information. Visitors to the Lattice website can expect to see more microsite content soon!



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