Sensors Xtrinsic accelerometer


SENSOR  Xtrinsic accelerometer

Freescale’s Xtrinsic accelerometer MMA845xQ family offers extremely low power and pin compatibility with a broad range of resolution (14-, 12- and 10-bit) and embedded features for configurable accurate motion analysis. These accelerometers operate at extremely low power, giving you phenomenal battery life for all your motion sensing.

Expanding on its more than 30 year sensing history, Freescale Semiconductor has unveiled a new era of sensing with the Xtrinsic™ portfolio. This new brand of sensors is designed with the right combination of intelligent integration, logic and customizable software on the platform to deliver smarter, more differentiated applications.

Xtrinsic sensing solutions represent products across the automotive, consumer and industrial markets where contextual sensing is achieved because the sensors have integrated algorithms and/or computation to help make decisions or the sensor is an integrated platform with multiple sensors and a processor providing a high-degree of contextual awareness through decision making.