Tips and Tricks with DMA on MPC56xx—Course + pdf


Tips and Tricks with DMA on MPC56xx

Course Description

In some cases you need to use more communication peripherals than provided by MCUs, and it is necessary to emulate some functionality in software.

This presentation describes tips on using DMA and phantom GPIO registers to emulate SPI (or SCI).

Using this implementation you can benefit from a complete hardware-like SPI/SCI node on MPC56xx architecture.

Course Outline

    • Overview of eDMA on the MPC56xx
      • Features and options
      • Peripherals eDMA and DMA channel mux
      • Devices and peripherals
    • Configuration and simple DMA transfers
      • Transfer Control Descriptor
      • DMA common use
      • Single SCI transfer
    • SPI emulation example
      • SPI master
      • SPI slave
    • SCI emulation example
      • SCI receiver
      • Demonstration
      • Other ideas with eDMA
      • Wrap up
      • ——————————————————————————————-


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