MCU integrates NFC and security functions


MCU integrates NFC and security functions

Colin Holland

12/13/2010 3:12 PM EST

The first product in the Renesas Electronics RF20 series of microcontrollers, the RF21S, combines on a single chip a near-field communication controller supporting the ISO/IEC 18092 international standard along with secure element functionality for use in consumer electronics products such as smartphones and other mobile phones, notebook PCs and PC peripherals.

The RF21S has security functions to enable the capabilities of financial transaction cards, transit system cards, and ID cards.

It has an ultra-thin package profile 0.22mm thick by using wafer-process-package (WPP) on-wafer packaging technology.

The RF21S MCU integrates Renesas Electronics’ RS-4 secure MCU, an NFC controller, and security functions.

It is planned that it will also provide  support for MIFARE. The single-chip configuration eliminates the need for communication with an external secure element, shortening the time required for gate transactions in transit systems. The RF21S MCU also incorporates measures to thwart security threats such as forgery and tampering, and EMVCo security certification is expected to be obtained soon for RF21S.

Renesas Electronics plans to supply developers of products such as mobile phones with embedded devices with the software (communication library, host controller interface (HCI), etc.) needed to implement NFC functionality.Support will also be available from third-party vendors for middleware required by the host, such as the baseband processor and application processor.


The RF20 series will be expanded to include products with larger memory capacity, more peripheral functions, and  better performance and functionality for high-end applications, as well as lower-cost products for low-end applications.
The RF21S MCU is scheduled to be available starting March 2011. Mass production is scheduled to begin starting July 2011 with a combined volume of 1,000,000 units per month projected by January 2012.



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