TI PurePath Wireless Configurator


PurePath Wireless Configurator


CC85XX devices are delivered unprogrammed from TI and need to be programmed with firmware to run in a customer application. Different firmware is needed depending parameters such as network and application role (audio transmitter, audio receiver etc), how audio is streamed, and application circuit design.

PurePath Wireless Configurator (PPWC) is a graphical PC tool used with CC85XX devices, and no extra 3rd party tool is needed. PPWC works on precompiled image files. Based on input from the user, PPWC will patch these to generate a downloadable firmware image. The designer will then be able to program the CC85XX device directly from PPWC through the CC Debugger tool (included in CC85XXDK) or output it to an Intel HEX-file (for production programming).

PurePath Wireless Configurator v1.0.2

Device options in PurePath Wireless Configurator:

Network and application role

Operation (autonomous or host controlled)

Audio interface:

  • External audio device (e.g. TLV320AIC3101 audio codec)

  • External audio interface clock and data format

Audio streaming:

  • Mapping between channels on the local audio interface (connected to the external audio device) and the audio streams transferred over the PurePath Wireless network

  • Audio streaming format for each individual audio stream

  • Sample rates and audio latency

Audio device customization:

  • For the selected external audio device, if configured by I2C: Custom configuration of register settings

Volume control:

  • Routing of volume control information

  • Volume control buttons

  • Minimum and maximum volume

Device identification:

  • Manufacturer and product identification


  • Network status LED (blink patterns)

  • Network pairing options (button or fixed), including filtering on manufacturer and product ID

Power management:

  • Power toggle button

  • Timeout constants

IO mapping:

  • Mapping of IO functions (e.g. network pairing button) to IO pins (e.g. GIO3)


  • CC8520 PurePath™ Wireless Audio Demo Kit

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