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Engineering Design Resource Guide

Tips for Proper Isolation
With proper isolation, you won’t need to do the safety dance around high voltages.

By incorporating modern CMOS isolation devices into new high-voltage consumer devices, designers can ensure that their smaller, improved systems don’t give end users a nasty shock.
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Let Your MCU Do the Heavy Lifting
Let your MCU do the heavy lifting in motor control or RF systems. Learn about some techniques that extend the precision of standard analog capabilities and increase the value of 32-bit mixed-signal MCUs in applications that involve radio and motor control technologies.
Find out how to let your MCU do the heavy lifting

Ultra-Low-Power Development Kit
Silicon Labs’ Badger Board evaluation kit for SiM3L1xx low-power 32-bit ARM® MCUs is an easy-to-use development platform for ultra-low-power portable applications. Roughly the same size as an ID badge, the supercapacitor-charged board and iOS app highlight the power efficiency of SiM3L1xx MCUs in an LCD-based system.
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Wireless IC for Smart Metering Applications
The Si4438 EZRadioPRO® transceiver maximizes wireless range and battery life while reducing BOM cost by 30% in smart metering applications. Designed for the 425-525 MHz ISM band, the Si4438 is also an ideal solution for in-home energy management systems and other smart grid infrastructure applications.
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Single-Chip Humidity & Temp Sensor
The Si7005 digital relative humidity and temperature sensor integrates sensing elements, an analog-to-digital converter, signal processing, non-volatile memory for calibration data and an I²C interface in a monolithic CMOS IC.
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