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ARM Processors

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ARM is the industry’s leading provider of 32-bit embedded microprocessors, offering a wide range of processors based on a common architecture that deliver high performance, industry leading power efficiency and reduced system cost. Combined with the broadest ecosystem in the industry with over 750 Partners delivering silicon, tools and software, the wide portfolio of more than 20 processors are able to meet every application challenge. With more than 20 Billion processors already created and in excess of 10 million shipped every day, ARM truly is The Architecture for the Digital World®.

ARM Cortex Application Processors

Cortex Application Processors deliver exceptional performance of up to 2GHz+ typical frequency in advanced process nodes, enabling the next generation of mobile internet devices. The processors are available in single-core and multi-core varieties, delivering up to four processing units with optional NEON™ multimedia processing blocks and advanced Floating Point execution units.

ARM Cortex Embedded Processors

Cortex Embedded Processors have been designed to service a vast array of different markets.

Cortex-M series processors have been developed primarily for the microcontroller domain where the need for fast, highly deterministic, interrupt management is coupled with the desire for extremely low gate count and lowest possible power consumption.

Cortex-R series processors however have been developed for deeply embedded real-time applications where the need for low power and good interrupt behaviour are balanced with exceptional performance and strong compatibility with existing platforms.

Classic ARM Processors

ARM Classic Processors are ideal for organizations who wish to leverage market-proven technologies into new applications. These processors deliver a host of features, excellent efficiency, and a wide range of performance capabilities for cost-sensitive solutions. With billions of these processors shipping every year designers can be assured of the widest ecosystem and resources, minimizing integration challenges and improving time to market.



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