Introducing LTE-Advanced

Agilent Technologies

Introducing LTE-Advanced

LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) is the project name of the evolved version of LTE that is being developed by 3GPP.

LTE-A will meet or exceed the requirements of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for the fourth generation (4G) radio communication standard known as IMT-Advanced.

In October 2009, the 3GPP Partners formally submitted LTE-Advanced to the ITU as a candidate for 4G IMT-Advanced.

In October 2010, LTE-Advanced was accepted.

Agilent Technologies

LTE-Advanced is specified initially as part of Release 10 of the 3GPP specifications, with a functional freeze that happened in March 2011. The LTE specifications will continue to be developed in subsequent 3GPP releases. As more and more wireless operators announce plans to deploy LTE in their next-generation networks, interest in LTE-Advanced is growing.

This new 4G LTE-A application note from Agilent covers the following topics:

  • Summary of the ITU requirements for 4G
  • Summary of 3GPP requirements for LTE-Advanced, including the expected timeline
  • Key solution proposals for LTE-Advanced
  • Release 10 and beyond: Technologies under consideration
  • Anticipated design and test challenges

The application note also introduces Agilent’s LTE-Advanced design and test solutions that are ready for use by early adopters. These solutions will be continuously enhanced as the LTE-Advanced specifications are released. Download your copy today!



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