ARM updates roadmap with Kingfisher, Cygnet

ARM updates roadmap with Kingfisher, Cygnet–Cygnet?cid=NL_MCU

Peter Clarke

2/1/2011 3:46 PM EST


– Processor IP licensor ARM Holdings plc has tipped several additional cores in its roadmap for 2011 during a presentation provided as a background to the company’s fourth quarter and full year financial results.

Warren East, president and CEO of ARM, tipped the Kingfisher and Cygnet cores due to emerge in 2011.

“Kingfisher is aimed at lower end smartphones and feature phones and cost-sensitive digital TV applications.

It’s a small A-class processor,” East told financial analysts assembled to discuss ARM’s financial results.

For the microcontroller end of the market East mentioned Cygnet which is a system design product designed to work with the Cortex-M series of cores.

“It is intended to accelerate developers time to market,” East said without revealing further details.

East also highlighted Mali NG as the core to follow on from the Mali T604, which was launched at the ARM Technology Conference in November 2010.

East told EE Times that Mali NG would be an extension of the current architecture rather than a dramatic change but nonetheless will further increase ARM’s graphics capability. “ST talked about licensing the next-generation Mali graphics.

They’re talking about great success with their existing Mali graphics processor, having ten design wins so far with their Mali 400, but the next generation giving them another five-fold increment in performance.”

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