IEC 61508 Certification with the LDRA tool suite

IEC 61508 Certification with the LDRA tool suite

What is IEC 61508?

IEC 61508 is an international standard for safety related systems comprising of electrical and/or electronic and/or programmable electronic components. It is intended as a standalone standard and as a framework for the preparation of application sector standards.

The standard presents a lifecycle approach including risk assessment, design, integration, testing, modification and maintenance and safety management.

The complete standard comprises of 7 parts of which part 3 defines the software requirements and sets out the safety lifecycle for software, including validation and verification, and makes recommendations regarding tools and methods which are appropriate for each SIL.

The LDRA tool suite can be used to meet the verification and testing requirements set out in IEC 61508-3.

The Safety Integrity Levels of IEC 61508 and a Revised Proposal – Executive Summary

The paper proposes a new scheme for safety integrity levels (SILs) based on reasoned principles. The scheme provides a mechanism for selecting appropriate verification and validation techniques for a given SIL and, in particular, suggests a replacement for the existing technique selection tables of the IEC 61508 standard.