Solution extends AUTOSAR-based systems

Solution extends AUTOSAR-based systems


Mentor Graphics Corp. and Mecel AB has launched a solution for the design, configuration, generation, and implementation of an AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) for Versions 4.0.2 and 4.0.3.

The Mentor Graphics offering of AUTOSAR design tools is accompanied by BSW, while Mecel’s include Picea BSW, RTE and configuration tools.

The AUTOSAR BSW solution includes the Volcano VSTAR product and the VSB configuration tool.

Additionally, Mecel will be complementing this offering with their consulting services to help automakers and suppliers create, configure, customize, and extend AUTOSAR-based systems.

Mecel Picea addresses automotive suppliers’ need to have an efficient tool for configuration and integration when engineers are developing applications for ECUs. It supports the complete development process with a seamless integrated tool chain and embedded software.

Since 2009, Mecel Picea Suite has been delivered to AUTOSAR 3.1 production programs for Volvo Cars, Daimler and BMW.

In addition Mecel has been supporting OEMs and Tier 1s to adapt their existing applications to AUTOSAR-based platform.

The company has already started to deliver AUTOSAR 4.0 software to Volvo car suppliers.

The Mentor tool suite for AUTOSAR, named Volcano VSx, includes the Volcano Vehicle System Architect (VSA) product, a systems design and authoring tool for AUTOSAR-based systems.

It enables engineers to design AUTOSAR-compatible Software Components (SWC), map them to hardware architectures, and manage the resulting relationships.

Additionally, it provides the user with the necessary support for managing large-scale projects with distributed development personnel.

Other products in the VSx family include the Volcano VSA COM and the Volcano Vehicle System Integrator (VSI) tools.

VSA COM is a communication matrix design tool for LIN, CAN, FlexRay, and Ethernet.

The VSI tool is used for AUTOSAR RTE simulation, verification, and debug of SWCs.

The VSx tools are, for example, in use at BMW and Volvo Cars in various production programs based on AUTOSAR 3.1 and AUTOSAR 4.0.2/.3.

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