Wind River Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile


Wind River Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile

Our Turnkey Solution for Your High-Speed, Low-Margin Market

click to enlargeOn demand entertainment. Productivity. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Wired and wireless broadband services. Surveillance. Home automation. All things networked converge in the home.

In the next-generation home gateway market, three things are certain:

  • Demand for broadband devices and services will continue to escalate.
  • Consumers will expect technologies to “just work” harmoniously out of the box.
  • Margins will continue to shrink.

Wind River Platform for Gateways, Residential Profile brings original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in this fast-evolving market the ease of configuration, manageability, and extensibility that consumers expect and operators must have to survive.

Built on Wind River Linux, Platform for Gateways pre-integrates and validates all the key middleware OEMs need to rapidly prototype and produce highly differentiated smart-services gateways at competitive costs.

A pre-integrated reference platform saves time and money

click to enlargeAs a turnkey solution, Wind River chooses, integrates, manages, and supports key independent software vendor (ISV) technologies. We select, optimize, and test the open source packages needed to create a robust and extensible residential gateway. You can choose one or more middleware software components and customize the stack for your specific device. Platform for Gateways provides a configuration profile to create a residential gateway software stack out of the box.



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