Accelerate Your ASIC Design


Accelerate Your ASIC Design

By:   Larry Wong

Oct 11, 2011


Propel your design to success with Maxim’s comprehensive ASIC and foundry services. Our talented engineering staff will work side by side with you to transform your product specifications into a production-ready device. With hundreds of man-years of experience, our ASIC team will help you ensure design feasibility, maximize integration and performance, and accelerate your development time.
Tap into Maxim’s deep IP catalog to access some of the industry’s most advanced functional blocks. A broad variety of analog, mixed-signal, and RF libraries are available to optimize device performance. In addition, Maxim offers a full spectrum of development capabilities, including state-of-the-art processes, highly accurate device models, and a complete suite of design tools. In short, everything you need to get from concept to volume quickly.



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