Intel Atom Processor E6x5C Series

Intel Atom Processor E6x5C Series

Intel E6xx


The Intel® Atom™ Processor E6x5C Series product line is a Multi-Chip Package (MCP) that integrates the Intel Atom Processor E6xx Series LPIA1-class IA CPU with an Altera® Arria® II GX FPGA. The FPGA delivers exceptional flexibility to customers wanting to incorporate unique I/O interfaces and acceleration for diverse embedded applications. The Intel Atom Processor E6x5C Series is available from Intel Corporation.

The inherent flexibility of an FPGA allows embedded designers to rapidly re-target Intel Atom Processor E6x5C Series designs to different market segments or address fragmented market segments in which the volumes may not justify a full custom ASIC development. Embedded designers using Intel Atom Processor E6x5C Series can address a wide range of markets including transportation, energy, industrial control, medical, and military.

The FPGA featured in Intel Atom Processor E6x5C Series is designed using Altera’s Quartus® II Software Subscription Edition. The FPGA portion of the Intel Atom Processor E6x5C Series enables customers to implement I/O functionality for a particular segment yielding a system-on-package (SoP) solution or implement acceleration functionality that provides value to a specific segment. For more information about the Intel Atom Processor E6x5C Series, visit

Block Diagram

Figure 1. Intel Atom Processor E6x5C Series

Image courtesy of Intel Corporation

  • Single package – A compact 37.5 x 37.5 mm, 0.8 mm ball pitch, multi-chip device internally connects the Intel Atom processor E6x5C with a user-programmable FPGA.
  • Integrated Intel Atom processor E6x5C – Includes a 45-nm processor core, 3D graphics and video encode/decode, as well as memory and display controllers.
  • Integrated Intel graphics media accelerator 600 – Power-optimized 2D and 3D graphics engine provides up to 400-MHz graphics core frequency.
  • Integrated memory controller and DDR2 support – Integrated 32-bit single-channel memory controller provides fast memory read and write performance through efficient pre-fetching algorithms, low latency, and high-memory bandwidth.
  • Intel Hyper-Threading Technology – Provides performance and support for multi-treaded applications.
  • Integrated and hardware-assisted Intel Virtualization Technology for IA-32 Intel architecture – Provides greater flexibility and maximum system utilization by consolidating multiple environments into a hardware platform.
  • High-performance and power-optimized FPGA – Features transceiver speeds up to 3.125 Gbps, high-speed LVDS with SERDES at up to 840 Mbps, support for DDR2, DDR SDRAM, QDR II and QDR II+ SRAM memory interfaces, up to 312 multipliers for digital signal processing (DSP) operations and more than 60K logic elements (LEs).
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