SEMICON Taiwan 2011 MEMS Forum

SEMICON Taiwan 2011
MEMS Forum

MEMS Forum
Thursday, September 8,  2011
08:30 –17:00
201 DEF, 2F, TICC
Event  Fee : Free (Pre-registration is required)

Theme : MEMS Devices, Foundry, Packaging and Testing

Chair & Morning Session Moderator: Dr. Min-Shyong Lin, Chairman, SEMI Taiwan MEMS Committee / Honorary Chairman & Founder, Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc.

Co-Chair & Afternoon Session Moderator:
Dr. Chih-Kung Lee, Vice Chairman, SEMI Taiwan MEMS Committee / President, Institute for Information Industry
Dr. Weileun Fang, Member, SEMI Taiwan MEMS Committee / Professor, Dept. of Power Mechanical Engineering, NTHU





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In recent years, MEMS technology has been successfully applied into consuming
and portable electronic products such as Wii, iPhone and so forth. Thus, the
MEMS market has grown rapidly, and the MEMS technology attracts attentions
from both academia and industry. 

Presently, the industry further considers integrating multi sensors (e.g. pressure
sensor, inertial sensor, and microphone) into handsets such as the smart phone,
camera, and watch. Such multi-sensors form a so-called Microsystem. It is
expected the smart handsets and consumer products with built-in Microsystem
will increase remarkably for the coming years.

Thanks to the creativity of the application engineers and design houses, and the
effort of foundries and packaging/testing houses to overcome the challenges in
manufacturing, MEMS industry is now flourishing.

This Forum invites several renowned MEMS industry pioneers to share
their experiences on design, packaging, testing and manufacturing to attract
more players and scholars to join this industry and to accelerate the
development of MEMS technology with an intent to enhance Microsystem
eco-system’s global competitiveness.



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