Maxim Acquires SensorDynamics

Maxim Acquires SensorDynamics, Developer and Manufacturer of
Proprietary Sensor and MEMS Solutions

SUNNYVALE, CA– July 18, 2011 – Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ:MXIM) today
announced it has acquired SensorDynamics, a privately held semiconductor company that
develops proprietary sensor and microelectromechanical (MEMS) solutions. SensorDynamics is
based in Lebring, near Graz, Austria.
SensorDynamics holds numerous original patents for MEMS sensor technology. It has devoted
over 800 man‐years of research and development to the high‐growth fields of MEMS sensors
and associated low power interface and wireless connectivity solutions. Consequently, this
acquisition enables Maxim to accelerate expansion in markets where it already has a strong
presence including automotive and high‐end consumer. 
“Maxim is a recognized leader in analog integration, and this acquisition extends Maxim’s
integration strategy by enabling us to fuse many types of sensors with our analog technology.
The strategic integration of sensors, analog functions and low power wireless connectivity will
allow us to deliver end‐to‐end mixed‐signal solutions that provide our customers with better
performance, smaller form factors and lower system costs,” said Tunc Doluca, Maxim’s
President and Chief Executive Officer. “The result will be a unique combination of technologies
that will eventually enable a whole new generation of intelligent machines. We’re thrilled that
SensorDynamics is joining us.



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