MAXQ618 16-Bit Microcontroller with Infrared Module

16-Bit Microcontroller with Infrared Module
MAXQ 16-Bit Flash Microcontroller Increases Battery Life of Portable Electronics

The MAXQ618 is a low-power, 16-bit MAXQ® microcontroller designed for low-power applications including universal remote controls, consumer electronics, and white goods.

The device combines a powerful 16-bit RISC microcontroller and integrated peripherals including two universal synchronous/asynchronous receiver-transmitters (USARTs) and an SPI™ master/slave communications port, along with an IR module with carrier frequency generation and flexible port I/O capable of multiplexed keypad control.
The device includes 80KB of flash memory and 2KB of data SRAM. The MAXQ61C is a ROM version of this device.
For the ultimate in low-power battery-operated performance, the device includes an ultra-low-power stop mode (0.2µA typ). In this mode, the minimum amount of circuitry is powered. Wake-up sources include external interrupts, the power-fail interrupt, and a timer interrupt. The microcontroller runs from a wide 1.70V to 3.6V operating voltage.



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