Silicon Labs wireless MCUs


Silicon Labs wireless MCUs

Wireless MCUs: Silicon Labs – Si100x/1x

Silicon Laboratories

Arrow Electronics

Silicon Labs develops analog intensive, mixed-signal ICs using standard CMOS to enable more integrated, high performance solutions. Our combination of mixed-signal MCUs, wireless receivers and transmitters, digital isolators, touch sense controllers and highly programmable timing devices can help developers simplify designs, speed time to market and reduce their system cost.

Product Highlights

  • C8051F Mixed-signal MCUs for Low Power, USB, Touch Sense, Automotive, Industrial and Precision Analog Applications. Include integrated high performance analog, a pipelined 100MIPS core and complete, low cost development tools.
  • QuickSense™ Touch sense controllers, proximity and ambient light sensors offer industry leading response time, sensitivity and lowest power. Enables touch-less gestures!
    • Silicon Labs Si8xxx multi-channel Digital Isolator family eliminate the need for optocouplers in many applications, offering better EMI performance, longer lifetimes and higher reliability.
    • Silicon Labs Si5xxx programmable clocks, buffers and clock generators offer multiple frequencies, support multiple outputs and can be programmed in the application. These DSP-centric solutions shorten lead times down to two weeks!
    • Si5xx Programmable XOs and VCXOs, reduce the reliance on quartz resonators, enabling better performance, support for multiple frequencies and dramatically shorter lead times.
    • Si4xxx SubGHz wireless recievers and transmitters offer industry leading range (up to 3km) and lowest power consumption. Integrated MCU enables wireless remote control on a chip in a tiny, low cost device.
    • Si1xxx Wireless MCUs are the industry’s highest performance, lowest power solutions for smart metering, home automation, security and more.

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