Multicore Association uses non—members expertise for standards development

Multicore Association

uses non—members expertise

for standards development

Colin Holland

11/22/2010 12:19 PM EST

The Multicore Association (MCA) is introducing a guest membership program designed to encourage substantial contributions of expertise that advance the organization’s goal of speeding time to market for products with multicore implementations.
The program allows individual working groups to recruit outside experts who can bring in unique knowledge or skills that would otherwise be beyond the organization’s reach.
While individuals can apply for a guest membership, the working group members make the formal invitation and utilize a dynamic set of criteria based on the specific needs of the working group.

The first company to join MCA under the guest program is EfficiOS, a consulting firm that specializes in research and development for operating system efficiency.

EfficiOS has been participating in the Multicore Association’s Tools Infrastructure Working Group (TIWG), which aims to define a common data format and standards-based mechanisms for sharing data among multicore development tools.

As a guest member, EfficiOS enjoys the benefits of membership on TIWG at no charge, and is helping to yield interesting results in terms of the LTTng trace format standard and an open source reference implementation.
Mathieu Desnoyers, president of EfficiOS Inc. “EfficiOS benefits from this collaboration by gathering use-cases and feedback from the association members, which is leading toward a more comprehensive trace format standard.”

The consortium has made available its Multicore Communications API (MCAPI) specification through its website, and will soon release its Multicore Resource Management API (MRAPI).

Currently, the organization also has working groups focused on: Multicore Virtualization,

Multicore Resource Management,

Multicore Programming Practices (MPP),

and Tools Infrastructure (TIWG).



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