MISRA-C started in 1994 by two UK automotive companies. It was published in 1998 and thanks to efforts by Programming Research,  LDRA,  Phaedrus Systems and others it escaped into mainstream use in the embedded development space. In 2001 a team was formed to create a second version.  Initially predominantly automotive participants it soon became  a guide for critical systems rather than automotive ones. 

the second version was launched in 2004 by which time many tool vendors were producing MISRA checkers and software that was “MISRA Compliant”     In 2007 a Technical Corrigendum saw produced for MISRA-C:2004 along with an Exemplar code suite. NOT a test suite.

The MISRA-C:2004 committee had the following members:

From Left to Right

Andrew Burnard, Jaguar Land Rover

Paul Burden, Programming Research

Liz Whiting, QinetiQ Ltd

Chris Tapp, Keylevel Consultants Ltd

Gavin McCall, Visteon Ltd Chairman

Mike Hennell, LDRA Ltd
Chris Hills, Phaedrus Systems Ltd
Steve Montgomery, Ricardo plc

Kneeling in front from
MISRA Steering Committee

David Ward, MIRA

R. Rivet Jaguar

MUSRA-C:2004 Team

In 2008 the team expanded from 8 to 12 people and became international with a view across nuclear, aerospace, automotive and medical systems. However due to the resession and job changes, some new members, particularly from over seas did not stay long.

The team also lost two long standing members in 2008/9, Gavin McCall, Visteon, and Andrew Burnard, Jaguar Landrover. The input of both these people will be sorely missed. Gavin had been one the MISRA project from almost the begining.

The current (Jan 2010) MISRA C committee has the following members:


Steve Montgomery,


Mike Banhan (formerly with Feabhas)

Andrew Banks, Intuitive Consulting
Mark Bradbury, Goodrich Engine Control Systems
Paul Burden, Programming Research
Mark Dawson-Butterworth, Zytek Automotive Ltd
Mike Hennell, LDRA Ltd
Chris Hills, Phaedrus Systems Ltd
Chris Tapp, LDRA (formerly with Keylevel Consultants Ltd)
Liz Whiting, LDRA (formerly with QinetiQ Ltd)



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