Altera’s INK cuts development time


Altera’s INK cuts development time

David Manners

Monday 18 October 2010 13:00

Altera has expanded its Industrial Networking Partner Program (INPP) with an Industrial Networking Kit (INK) from Terasic aimed at reducing development time for industrial networking designers.

“Customers have had to rely on third-party IP vendors and development board suppliers to offer the right hardware and software IP to meet their industrial networking requirements,” says Michael Samuelian, director of the industrial and automotive business unit at Altera, “now by providing access to Altera’s IP partners in one place and adding the capabilities of Terasic’s INK, customers can generate IP evaluation packages without having to develop their own development boards, thereby reducing cost and time to market.”

Altera claims INK can cut down development time by up to one year.

Designers can access the kit and IP partners from Al the IP partners have proven solutions and evaluation packages that work with INK.

The kit, costing $795, is based on the Terasic DE2-115 FPGA board with dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet, 128-MB SDRAM, 8-MB flash memory, 4-MB SRAM, security EEPROM, HSMC connector, GPIOs, toggle switches, and status LEDs along with USB, audio, and video capabilities.

INK has a Cyclone IV E (EP4CE115F29) FPGA and supports most Industrial Ethernet and fieldbus networking standard enabling all IP vendors to support the latest generation of low-cost FPGAs.

INK is for industrial automation and process control applications for servo/drive/motion-control equipment, sensors, programmable-logic controllers, machine vision, and video surveillance equipment.

INK can be expanded with HSMC and GPIO connectors to address a broad range of industrial applications.

Altera’s INPP includes IP solutions from:

Softing Automation — PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP;

Beckhoff Automation — EtherCAT IP core;

Automata — SERCOS III;

IXXAT Automation — EtherCAT software stack, IEEE 1588 IP core




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