Agilent joins PXI Systems Alliance board


Agilent joins PXI Systems Alliance board

9/30/2010 6:16 AM EDT

Agilent Technologies Inc. has joined seven other sponsor-level member companies on the board of directors of the PXI Systems Alliance. The primary goal of the PXISA is to improve the effectiveness of CompactPCI-based solutions in measurement and automation through use of the PXI specification.

The PXI Systems Alliance currently has 58 members and to receive sponsor-level membership, companies are required to endorse and actively support the PXI architecture as a vital part of their ongoing business. They also must take a proactive role in all decisions made at the board level.

Agilent recently announced 46 PXI and AXIe modular products
Von Campbell, Agilent planning manager,  Modular Product Operation, will be the director on the board for Agilent.
Along with the addition on the new board member, PXISA officers have also been elected for the upcoming year. 

  • President – Loofie Gutterman, Geotest
  • Technical Chair – Mark Wetzel, National Instruments
  • Marketing Co-Chairs – Carla Feldman, Agilent Technologies and Matthew Friedman, National Instruments
  • Treasurer – Kelly Gillilan, ADLink
  • Executive Director – Bob Helsel, Bode Enterprises



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