Package supports USB to JTAG test links

Package supports USB to JTAG test links

Colin Holland
9/7/2010 1:07 PM EDT


JTAG Technologies has released a support package for board-level and system designers looking to implement a convenient built-in test (BIT) access for boundary-scan testing and on-board device (re)programming.

The company says that for the first time since the introduction of the IEEE Std. 1149.1 in 1990 existing USB to JTAG resources, which design engineers frequently now include on their boards, can be linked to high-level boundary-scan test software.
In conjunction with Future Technology Devices International Ltd. (FTDI Ltd.) (Glasgow, UK), JTAG Technologies (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) is also offering a support option for the popular FTDI 2232D and the FT2232H/4232H (Hi-speed USB 2.0) devices that allow direct connection from PC to target (UUT) via a standard USB cable.
In is anticipated users of this support option will include field repair technicians, who will be able to reduce their tool inventory, and design engineers looking to exercise JTAG circuitry during the hardware debug phase.
The device support extends from the JTAG ProVision application development software through to its run-time, production solutions – as well as the free ‘BUZZ’ and low-cost ‘CLIP’ and ‘SCRIPT’ JTAG Live modules, which can be downloaded from

“Once designed into a board and configured appropriately, the FTDI parts act the same as a regular JTAG controller that can be selected from our software’s instruments menu,” said Peter van den Eijnden, Managing Director for JTAG Technologies. “This has a huge effect on the usefulness of boundary-scan throughout a product’s lifecycle since it makes in-service or field service of PCBs and systems a far more realistic proposition.”
Existing users of JTAG Technologies’ software with a valid support contract can apply for the ‘bolt-on’ FDTI support package via their local sales representative. Prospective users of JTAG ProVision or PIP/xx can also
request a demonstration of the technology in action.



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