Lattice MachXO2 PLD’s hardened block functions

Affordable Innovation Series

Processor I/O Expansion

with MachXO2 Cuts Cost and  Reduces Power

Using the Lattice MachXO2 PLD’s hardened block functions you can easily add extra functions and more I/Os to a low pin count/low cost MCU based design.

This reduces component cost, saves board space and saves power vs. using a higher pin count MCU.

Also, the MachXO2 carries no overhead since it needs no configuration device.

Affordable Innovation Series Download

Discover how the hardened dual I2C, SPI, and Timer/Counter functions augment the flexible I/Os and logic blocks in the MachXO2 to efficiently support MCU-based designs.
See how a sensor monitoring solution example takes full advantage of the MachXO2 I/O expansion capabilities.

Watch the 7-minute video to better understand how the MachXO2 efficiently integrates system functionality and how easy it is to get started with free design tools, IP trials and reference designs.



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