Maxim New Products April 6, 2013


Press Release: Intelligent Enumerating Battery Charger from Maxim Integrated Provides the Safest and Fastest Possible Charge for Mobile Equipment

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) announced April 3, 2013 that it is now sampling the MAX77301 Li+ battery charger. It integrates the intelligence to enumerate with the host device, automatically identify the adapter type, and then determine the fastest rate to charge a battery. With advanced temperature monitoring, the MAX77301 modulates the charge current and battery regulation voltage automatically to maximize safety in any temperature environment. It performs all of these functions without an external CPU or system hardware. The MAX77301 is ideal for mobile equipment, such as cameras, Bluetooth® headsets, MP3 players, and portable medical devices.
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Simplify Isolated Power Designs
1A Spread-Spectrum Push-Pull Transformer Driver for Isolated Power Supplies

  • Simple transformer driver architecture reduces design time
  • Integrated spread spectrum and current limiting reduce BOM costs
  • Provides the most compact USB (500mA) ISO power requirements

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Industry’s Most Accurate and Flexible BMS Building Block
MAX14920, MAX14921
High-Accuracy 12-/16-Cell Measurement AFEs

  • Provides industry’s highest accuracy (±0.5mV) measurement for precise voltage determination
  • High 16-/12-channel count provides flexible system architecture to enable system optimization based on performance and cost
  • Simultaneous sampling for accurate dynamic load applications improves cell balancing and battery pack lifetime

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Rugged 1.5Gbps Deserializer with Line Fault Detect for Coax or STP Cables in a Small 7mm × 7mm TQFN Package
6.25MHz to 100MHz, 25-Bit GMSL Deserializer for Coax or STP Cable with Line Fault Detect

  • Works with coax and STP cables
  • Reduces shielding requirements
  • Allows 15m cable at maximum speed

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