MAX16936 36V, 220kHz to 2.2MHz Step-Down Converter with 28µA Quiescent Current


36V, 220kHz to 2.2MHz Step-Down Converter

with 28µA Quiescent Current

2.5A Automotive Buck with FPWM Capability at Light Loads for EMI Management



The MAX16936 is a 2.5A current-mode step-down converter with integrated high-side and low-side MOSFETs designed to operate with an external Schottky diode for better efficiency.

The low-side MOSFET enables fixed-frequency forced-PWM (FPWM) operation under light-load applications.

The device operates with input voltages from 3.5V to 36V, while using only 28µA quiescent current at no load.

The switching frequency is resistor programmable from 220kHz to 2.2MHz and can be synchronized to an external clock.

The MAX16936’s output voltage is available as 5V/3.3V fixed or adjustable from 1V to 10V. The wide input voltage range along with its ability to operate at 98% duty cycle during undervoltage transients make the MAX16936 ideal for automotive and industrial applications.
Under light-load applications, the FSYNC logic input allows the MAX16936 to either operate in skip mode for reduced current consumption or fixed-frequency FWM mode to eliminate frequency variation to minimize EMI.

Fixed-frequency FPWM mode is extremely useful for power supplies designed for RF transceivers where tight emission control is necessary.

Protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit and thermal shutdown with automatic recovery. Additional features include a power-good monitor to ease power-supply sequencing and a 180° out-of-phase clock output relative to the internal oscillator at SYNCOUT to create cascaded power supplies with multiple MAX16936s.

The MAX16936 operates over the -40°C to +125°C automotive temperature range and is available in 16-pin TSSOP-EP and 5mm × 5mm, 16-pin TQFN-EP packages.



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