AVR UC3 32-bit Microcontroller



Free webinar –

Optimizing Low Power Designs with

Atmel PicoPower and

the AVR UC3 32-bit Microcontroller


meet the tough requirements for portable and battery-operated applications, Atmel has focused on low power consumption for more than ten years. The result is our outstanding picoPower® technology for tinyAVR®, megaAVR®, AVR® XMEGA™ and AVR UC3 microcontrollers.

You will learn techniques for reducing power consumption covering the following areas:

  • Reduced power consumption in all modes
  • True 1.6V operation
  • Sleepwalking
  • Event System
  • DMA controller
  • Faster Wakeup
  • Split clock domains

picoPower technology enables AVR microcontrollers to operate at the industry’s lowest power consumption with 650 nA with a RTC running and 100 nA in Power Down sleep. Through a range of innovative techniques, Atmel has reduced power consumption in active and all sleep modes. With picoPower technology the embedded designer can easily reduce the application’s power consumption while maintaining performance.



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