Versatile, Easy to Use, Accurate Timing Building Blocks


TimerBlox parts are small, accurate and simple timing devices, designed for 5 basic operations: Voltage-Controlled Oscillation (VCO), Low Frequency Clocking, Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM), One-Shot Generation and Signal Delay.

TimerBlox devices combine an accurate programmable oscillator with precision circuitry and logic.

No capacitors, no crystals, no microcontroller and no programming are required. 

Source and sink capability of 20mA enables the TimerBlox parts to directly drive opto-isolators and transformers for electrical isolation.  The small footprint allows each TimerBlox device to be placed at the point of use, providing an ideal solution for space-limited applications.

To speed and simplify your design process, TimerBlox Designer is an Excel based selection and synthesis tool that allows you to choose and configure the TimerBlox part best suited for your application.

Linear Technology



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