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Engineering Design Resource Guide

October 2012


Accuracy Considerations:
MCU-based Temp Sensors
Consumer and commercial thermal applications all rely on temperature sensors.

This article examines the accuracy and interfaces of currently available integrated, discrete and active temperature sensors

that address an operating range of –25 to +100 °C.

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Barcode Scanner Design
Despite the prevalence of barcode scanners in commercial and industrial settings, it’s easy to take the complexity of their underlying designs for granted.

They require multiple discrete ICs and an array of passive and active circuitry to provide the functionality and reliability that end users have come to expect.

Check out this article to learn more

Industry’s Lowest Power 32-bit MCUs
The SiM3L1xx ultra-low-power 32-bit MCUs feature innovative power-saving features, highly-integrated analog, advanced low-power peripherals

that don’t draw power from the rest of the system, and enhanced “power aware” tools to help you architect firmware for low-power consumption.

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Get "power aware" tools to help optimize your system
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Designing Low-Power Embedded
Systems from Silicon to Software

By mastering the relationship between active power consumption, standby power consumption and the duty cycle, you can develop higher performance and more energy-efficient embedded systems that stretch the limits of battery-powered applications.
White Paper PDFPart 1: Silicon Choices
White Paper PDFPart 2: Software Decisions



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