Lattice’s iCE40™ FPGA

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

Affordable Innovation Series:

Lattice’s iCE40™ FPGA Dramatically Improves Inter-Processor Communication

System designers are constantly challenged to reduce power consumption, board space and total BOM cost while adding new features. Lattice customers are finding that the iCE40 FPGA can be used in innovative designs to do just that. A new Lattice case study shows how a large smartphone OEM used the iCE40 to implement a dual port RAM to communicate between the applications processor and communications processor to save space, reduce power and improve reliability.

Discover how the iCE40 was used to cut dual port board space from an existing 6x6mm to 3x3mm.

  • See how the customer reduced pin count from 50 to 27, improved reliability and reduced power.
  • Learn how to quickly evaluate and adopt the iCE40 FPGA Family in your next design by purchasing the iCEblink40 evaluation kit for a limited time promotional price of only $19!



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