Vybrid Controller Solutions

Vybrid Controller Solutions


Freescale’s Vybrid platform brings to market a family of devices that at the entry level provides, low-power, single-chip solution for application processing, and at the high-end provides customers a way to combine rich applications requiring high-resolution graphical displays and connectivity with real-time determinism.

The Vybrid platform enables customers to create systems that can either run a high level OS like Linux® or MQX™ stand-alone or concurrently on the same device.

This, along with a communication API between the rich domain and the real-time domain and a tool chain that eases debug of such systems, dramatically shortens customer time to revenue.
The devices in the Vybrid family span the entry-level product for customers who want to upgrade from the Kinetis MCU to an MPU with large on-chip SRAM to a highly integrated, heterogeneous dual-core MPU ideal for industrial markets.

Each device in the Vybrid family offers a rich suite of reference designs, app notes, Board Support Packages (BSP) and middleware.

Vybrid Controller Solutions

  • VF3xx: Vybrid VF3xx Single-chip Solution with Dual XiP Quad SPI, Dual Ethernet and L2 Switch 
  • VF4xx: Vybrid VF4xx Single-core Solution with Dual USB and Integrated PHY 
  • VF5xx: Vybrid VF5xx Single-core Solution with Dual Ethernet and L2 Switch 
  • VF6xx: Vybrid VF6xx Dual Heterogeneous Core Solution with XGA Display, Dual USB, Dual Ethernet and L2 Switch 
  • VF7xx: Vybrid VF7xx Dual Heterogeneous Core Solution with Dual XGA Display and GPU



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