NXP boosts in-vehicle networking with 48V transceivers

NXP boosts in-vehicle networking with 48V transceivers

Posted:23 Mar 2012


NXP Semiconductors N.V. has unveiled a portfolio of FlexRay transceivers that supports the automotive industry move toward a 48V board net in future vehicles.

The 48V FlexRay products claim to be the industry’s first that are capable of supporting the new board net by offering up to ±60V robustness.

According to NXP, the devices deliver reduced CO2 emissions due to very low current consumption in standby and sleep mode plus high immunity to ESD.

While other companies continue to design using lower voltage CMOS processes, NXP’s ABCD3/9 technology offers high voltage features far beyond 60V at a high density of digital logic, boasted NXP.

The family of FlexRay transceivers includes the TJA1081B that will be available by 2Q12.

The device is EPL V3.0.1 and JASPAR compliant and touts gap-free undervoltage specification.

It features improved EMC and is compliant to OEM specifications.

Likewise, it offers Sleep-function (VBAT supplied, incl. voltage regulator control).

Other members of the family to be released in the year are the FlexRay and the TJA1085.



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