Micrel EtherSynch™

Micrel EtherSynch™


Micrel EtherSynch™ technology blends Ethernet LAN Communications, IEEE 1588 Distributed Synchronization, and Precision GPIO for Industrial Automation, Power Substation Automation, and real-time systems

Our advanced, hardware-based architecture:

Supports PTPv2 timing modes in a single device (GMC, OC, MC, SC, TC)

Enables Distributed, Centralized, and Hybrid network topologies

Achieve sub–µs synchronization performance; typically sub-100 ns

Offloads Host synchronization and communications processing

Reduces BOM costs through high integration, low-power consumption, and energy efficient designs

Ethernet/IEEE 1588 attachment devices are available with a range of physical layer and MAC/Host interfaces to support a broad set of industrial applications. All parts are qualified to: -40°C – +85°C.



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