NXP’s LPC1800 series gives you twice the connectivity

NXP Get your next USB 2.0 design out of the blocks fast!

With two high speed USB 2.0 interfaces, NXP’s LPC1800 series gives you twice the connectivity.

Each interface is capable of Host/OTG/Device functionality, allowing you to design the microcontrollers into any USB-based application.

The LPC1800 enables rapid application development with on-chip ROM stack and drivers, and high speed PHY, saving time, space and cost.

As well as being built for high performance connectivity, LPC1800 devices feature Ethernet and LCD controllers alongside configurable peripherals like an SPI Flash interface and a state configurable timer – so much more flexibility and performance for you to work with! Together with our free software stacks, including our latest USB 2.0 compliant NXP USB libraries, you can also choose from LPC1800 design kits, software tools and evaluation kits from NXP and our partners.

See how High-Speed USB is made easy with the ARM® Cortex™-M3 LPC1800 at lpc1800.eetimes.com



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