MPC5676R: Qorivva 32-bit MCU for Powertrain Applications

MPC5676R: Qorivva 32-bit MCU for Powertrain Applications

Freescale product built on Power Architecture technology

MPC5676R is Freescale’s first dual-core MCU designed to address high-end gasoline, direct injection and diesel engines as well as advanced transmissions.

The MPC5676R offers significant performance and enhanced powertrain functionality, such as eTPU2, on-chip knock control and the peripherals needed to meet extreme regulatory and environmental needs.

  • Dual Power Architecture® 200z7 cores
    • 2 x 180MHz
    • SPE1.1 / SIMD module for DSP and floating point operations
    • Variable length encoding (VLE)
    • 32 entry MMU
  • 6 MB Flash memory w/ECC
  • 461K Total SRAM (384k system SRAM w/ECC)
  • 96 channel triple eTPU2 w/45K SRAM
  • 128 channel dual eDMA
  • 64 channel 12-bit quad analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
  • 12 decimation filters with hardware knock integrators
  • Dual-channel FlexRay communication controller
  • 4 channel FlexCAN
  • 5 channel DSPI
  • External Bus Interface (EBI) output capability for expanded memory (516BGA only)
  • On-chip regulator for standby voltage

MPC5676R_BDTN Block Diagram Thumbnail

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