Altera works with IDT on FPGAs for 4G basestations

Altera works with IDT on FPGAs for 4G basestations

Richard Wilson  Monday 26 September 2011 10:23

Altera is offering its first Serial RapidIO Gen2 FPGA for next-generation 3G and 4G wireless basestation designs.
The RapidIO IP core is implemented in a Stratix IV GX FPGA with a Serial RapidIO Gen 2 switch from Integrated Device Technology (IDT).
The design has the IO bandwidth to support 20Gbaud packet-based interconnect for linking radio cards, host processors and digital signal processors high-end communications systems.
Altera worked with IDT to interoperate its Serial RapidIO Gen2 IP core with IDT’s 80HCPS1848 switch in x1 and x4 configurations from 5 Gbaud up to 20 Gbaud.

“Demonstrating interworking of our RapidIO Gen 2 devices allows our wireless customers, as well as those in military, medical and industrial markets, to confidently design and deploy reliable systems,” said Stephane Gagnon, product management director for IDT’s communications division.

“By working closely with the leading Serial RapidIO switch vendor, we are able to deliver to our customers proven solutions that enable the deployment of next-generation 3G and 4G wireless basestations,” said Paul Ekas, director of product planning at Altera.



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