USB Host Charger Identification/Adapter Emulators

USB Host Charger Identification/Adapter Emulators
Enable Faster Charging of Virtually Any USB-Powered Device

MAX14600, MAX14601, MAX14602, MAX14603, MAX14604, MAX14605, MAX14618

The MAX14600–MAX14605 are third-generation USB 2.0 host charger identification devices that combine USB Hi-Speed analog switches with a USB adapter emulator circuit.
The devices support pass-through mode and auto mode. In charging downstream port (CDP) pass-through mode, the devices emulate the CDP function while supporting normal USB traffic.

The MAX14600/MAX14603/MAX14605 have a pFET open-drain output (active-low CEN), and the MAX14601/MAX14604 have an nFET open-drain output (CEN) to restart the peripheral connected to the USB host.
All the devices support the CDP and standard downstream port (SDP) charging during the active state (S0) and support the dedicated charging port (DCP) charging during the standby state (S3/S4/S5).

The MAX14603/MAX14604/MAX14605 support remote wake-up in standby mode.

The MAX14602/MAX14605 offer backward-compatible CDP emulation upgrade to the MAX14566E.
The MAX14600–MAX14605 are available in an 8-pin (2mm x 2mm) TDFN package, and are specified over the -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range.



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