MAX9599 Low-Power Programmable Gamma Buffer

Low-Power Programmable Gamma Buffer

Provides a Complete Solution f

or Programmable Reference Voltages for Gamma Correction in Tablet PC Applications

The MAX9599 provides multiple programmable reference voltages for gamma correction in TFT LCDs. Each gamma output comprises a 10-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and high current buffer, which reduces the recovery time of the output voltages when critical levels and patterns are displayed. A precision-programmable internal reference sets the full-scale voltage of the DACs.
The IC contains nonvolatile multiple-time-programmable (MTP) memory to store the reference data and all of the gamma output codes.
The gamma output voltages, the programmable reference, and the nonvolatile memory are all programmed digitally through the 1MHz (fast mode plus) I²C interface.



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