NXP Cortex Controller Adds Dev Kit

NXP Cortex Controller Adds Dev Kit


Users of NXP Semiconductors’ LPC178X microcontroller family — the industrially tuned devices equipped with built-in motor controllers MCUs — just got another choice in developer boards, via the KickStart Kit from IAR Systems.


The LPC178x is an ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller family.

The 32-bit devices come in clock speeds of up to 120MHz and feature low-power consumption along with connectivity to Ethernet, USB 2.0, and CAN 2.0B. For automation and control users, the MCUs have a built-in motor-control pulse-width modulator (PWM) driver.

What: IAR Systems’ KickStart Kit pulls together an evaluation board, software tools, and debug probe. The board is fitted with an LPC1788, which is the top-of-the-line NXP Cortex-M3. On the output side, the board has a 3.5-inch color touch screen, along with connectors for USB, Ethernet, and CAN.

On the software development side, the KickStart Kit is intended to be used with IAR Embedded Workbench. That’s a C and C++ development environment, which is sold separately. However, a trial version with limited functionality is available for free download.


The KickStart Kit is available now, directly from IAR, for $399.

Note that other development environments for the NXP LPC178x family are available from Embedded Artists and from Future Designs Inc.



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