The H.E.A.T. Evaluation Module is a high-temperature signal conditioning and processor evaluation platform with a complete signal chain of components designed to withstand extreme operating temperatures up to 210ºC.

The H.E.A.T. EVM PCB is made with Polyimide material and is suited to withstand temperatures up to 250°C and includes high temperature rated passive components, and utilizes high temperature solder material which makes it well suited for operation in a 200°C operating environment.

The H.E.A.T. EVM kit includes the H.E.A.T. board, a low temperature sensor board, cabling, and RS485 communications software. The EVM enables customers to develop applications that can operate in a high-temperature environment quickly with qualified components, risk-free without having to screen off-the-shelve devices for temperature ranges outside their datasheet specifications.


One HEATEVM development kit with -55ºC to 210ºC qualified high-temperature components allows rapid evaluation and development of a 200°C signal chain with:

  • Up to 8 channels of analog data
  • Analog signals conditioned, digitized and processed at temperature
  • 6 channels dedicated for temperature, pressure, and accelerometers
  • 2 general purpose channels (One fully differential and One single ended)
  • Components included on the EVM include:
    • ADS1278-HT – Octal Simultaneous Sampling 24-Bit 128KSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter
    • SM470R1B1M-HT – ARM7 Microcontroller
    • OPA211-HT – Low-Noise Operational Amplifier
    • OPA2333-HT – Low Power Zero-Drift Series Operational Amplifier
    • INA333-HT – Zero Drift, Low Power, Single Supply Instrumentation Amplifier
    • THS4521-HT – Low-Power Fully Differential Amplifier
    • REF5025-HT – 2.5V Precision Voltage Reference
    • SN65HVD233-HT – CAN Transceiver
    • SN65HVD11-HT – RS485 Transceiver
    • Also includes: cabling and RS485 Communications Software

For more information, click here to view the tools folder.



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