Avnet Drops Lattice From Linecard

Avnet Drops Lattice From Linecard

Avnet and Lattice Semiconductor are parting company.

The announcement was made by Darin G Billerbeck, president and chief executive officer of Lattice during a conference call to discuss the FPGA and CPLD manufacturer’s second quarter results.

The two companies’ global distribution agreement will end on August 28.

It is the distributor which has taken the decision.

Said Billerbeck, “After the transition Lattice will serve its customers with a sales network that includes a global distributor, regional distributors, manufacturing reps and our direct sales team. We do not expect any significant disruption in our ability to service customers as a result of this change.”

Lattice will still have

Arrow Electronics and its recently acquired Nu Horizons division to distribute products worldwide.

Regional distributors include MSC-Gleichmann in Europe.

Avnet’s decision is not so surprising.

Last year FPGA powerhouse Xilinx put all its global distribution eggs in one basket with Avnet.

In the process Xilinx dropped Nu Horizons, then still an independent company, from its global network.

It was no great surprise when Nu Horizons signed a deal with Lattice a couple of months later.

And by the way Mr. Billerbeck had pmlenty to smile about despite the Avnet news.

Lattice reported its best second quarter sales for 10 years at $83.9m, up 2% from the first quarter. Year on year it was up 9% over the 77.1m reported in the second quarter of last year.



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