PTC Windchill FMEA (formerly Relex FMEA)

Windchill FMEA (formerly Relex FMEA)

Manage product risk by analyzing potential failures

To mitigate or eliminate product risks at the functional, design, or process level, you must systematically identify the source of these risks, and then implement and evaluate risk control measures.

Windchill FMEA (formerly Relex FMEA) (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) gives you the power to systematically identify the potential failure modes of a system, and control or prevent their occurrence or effects. Supporting a wide range of industry standards used in FMEA and FMECA risk management techniques, Windchill FMEA enables you to identify and categorize failures, and to develop, organize and implement a plan to address them.

Features & Benefits
  • Track the compliance of parts and products against a wide range of commonly-used industry standards, including MIL-STD-1629A, IEC 61508, SAE ARP5580, AIAG, and more
  • Support multiple users by leveraging an enterprise-wide Web interface built on Microsoft Silverlight with the ease-of-use of Windows
  • Leverage DVP&R (Design Verification Plan and Report) and Control Plans to support the cross-functional communication and collaboration integral to successful risk management
  • Extend your analysis to include FMECA, which considers criticality, and FMES (Failure Mode and Effects Summary)
  • Manage the business processes essential to risk analysis and risk mitigation through workflow notifications and email alerts



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