Altera DE0-Nano Development Board

Get Inspired by the $79 DE0-Nano Development Board

Inspire your next FPGA design with the $79 DE0-Nano development board.

This compact board (49 mm x 75 mm) is ready for use right out of the box, and comes with a USB mini-B cable, software, and quick start guide. When you buy a DE0-Nano board, you’ll get four reference designs in a CD-ROM to get you up and running quickly:

• PWM “Breathing” LED demo
• Analog to Digital Conversion demo
• 3-Axis Accelerometer demo
• Camera and LCD demo

Featuring a low-cost Cyclone® IV FPGA, the DE0-Nano development board is perfect for developing embedded soft processors with the Nios® II processor. Its 3-axis accelerometer allows you to develop designs for sensing applications. In addition, for portable designs that require low power, the DE0-Nano board provides three power scheme options – a USB mini-AB port, a two-pin external power header, and two DC 5-V pins.

The DE0-Nano board is sold by Terasic for only $79.

De0-Nano Dev Board

Board Features
  • Cyclone IV EP4CE22F17C6N FPGA with EPCS16 16-Mb serial configuration device
  • I/O interface
    • Built-in USB-Blaster™ cable for FPGA configuration>
    • Three-axis accelerometer with 13-bit resolution
    • Eight-channel, 12-bit resolution analog-to-digital (A/D) converter
    • Expansion headers: two 40-pin headers and one 26-pin header
    • Two-pin external power header
  • Memory
    • 32-MB SDRAM
    • 2-Kb EEPROM
  • General user peripheral
    • Eight green LEDs
    • Four dual in-line package (DIP) switches
    • Two push-button switches
  • Clock
    • 50-MHz clock

Looking for more features in a development board? Check out Terasic’s DE2-115 with 115K LEs on a Cyclone IV EP4CE115 FPGA, interfaces to support mainstram protocols, an HSMC connector, and a variety of available daughter cards.


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