Starter kit eases design with STM32 F-2 MCUs

Starter kit eases design with STM32 F-2 MCUs

Colin Holland  7/11/2011 3:00 AM EDT

A starter kit for STMicroelectronics’ ARM Cortex-M3 based high performance STM32 F-2 series pf microcontrollers is available from IAR Systems.
The STM32F2xx series combines 90nm process technology with the adaptive real-time memory accelerator (ART accelerator) and the multi-layer bus matrix.
IAR KickStart Kit for STM32F207 contains all the necessary hardware and software and allows embedded software applications to be designed, integrated and tested on hardware.
It includes a evaluation board, software tools, a debug probe, example projects and board support packages for several RTOSes.

It can be used for evaluation and prototyping purposes via the integration between hardware, software and tools.
The evaluation board is fitted with an STM32F207ZG microcontroller, color LCD, connectors for USB host, USB OTG, Ethernet and CAN, headphone jack, and many other peripherals. Debug connectors for ETM trace, SWD and JTAG are also included.

The included IAR J-Link Lite debug probe provides JTAG and SWD debug interfaces. Added debug capabilities can be enabled by separate debug probes.

IAR J-Trace enables full instruction trace, and IAR J-Link Ultra enables power debugging features in IAR Embedded Workbench. Both probes are sold separately.

The kit is for use with IAR Embedded Workbench.



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