Embedded Insights

About Embedded Insights
Shedding Light on the Hidden World of Embedded Systems

Embedded Insights sheds light on the hidden world of embedded systems by providing a comprehensive online resource for information on embedded processors (MCUs, MPUs, DSPs, cores),

software development and troubleshooting tools,

reference designs,

evaluation and development kits,

third party intellectual property,

and board-level modules.

Editorial content is focused on providing insight into how and why systems behave the way they do. Our online community of engineers and industry experts is an invaluable way for designers to engage with their peers and get feedback on specific chips, boards, tools, bugs, and vendors. New databases and visualization tools, currently under development, help engineers find the parts, tools, IP and peer commentary that are most relevant to their current design.

Embedded Processing DirectoryEmbedded Processing Directory (EPD)

The Embedded Processing Directory collects a wealth of information from more than 80 processor manufacturers and IP core suppliers into a single repository that embedded developers use to research and select the processors that will become the heart of their designs. Designers are able to drill down through the information in the compendium based on company name, architecture size, and target application space.




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