The Dos and Don’ts of Android

The Dos and Don’ts of Android

How to Get the Most from Your Phone

Android based smartphone are dominating the handheld market these days, in fact there are roughly 400,000 Android based smartphones being activated each and every day, but how do you know that

you are getting the most out of your shiny new device.

Here is a look at the best dos and don’ts when it comes to Android.

The Dos
Download and install Juice Defender.

It is one of the best apps available right now, and trust me you will be grateful that you did download it.

Juice defender will help you preserve your battery life.
Juice Defender works by shutting down elements of your phone when it is not in use. While in use, your phone will constantly search for 3G and 4G network towers so that you can get a signal. Searching for 3G and 4G signals uses a lot of power. Juice Defender will make your phone operate solely on 2G signals when it is in standby, you can still receive calls, and apps will still update in the background, it will just use less power doing it. It is a must have app for every Android phone user.

The Amazon marketplace
The Google marketplace that comes installed on the phone is great, there is nothing wring with it at all, but Amazon has just launched a rival to Google’s store called the Amazon Marketplace.

Whats the difference you ask? Well the main difference is that every day, Amazon offers user one free premium application for download. The apps would normally cost anywhere from $.99 all the way up to $9.99.

Once they have been downloaded they are yours to keep forever. Get in on all the freebie action now.

Use Google Backup

When you initially set up your phone Google gives you the opportunity to activate Goggle Backup.

Once activated, all of the information on your phone will be sent off to Google’s cloud based servers. Contact

information, application information, and much more will be stored on secure servers for free.

If and when you have to perform a phone reset (which you will, this is Android after all) all of your information will be downloaded back on to your phone the next time you log in to your Google account.

It takes the hassle out of resetting as you will not have to manually enter all your contact info again.

As for the apps, well everything you had downloaded before will automatically download again.

Customize your phone
Probably the best feature of Android is that it will allow its user to customize their phone anyway they want.

You should definitely customize your new Android, make it yours, and make it reflect who you are.

There are dozens of apps, and widgets available in the marketplace, and most of them are free.

Have fun with it, and make yours stand out from the crowd.

The Don’ts
You have probably heard that installing a task manager, or task killer is the first thing you should do, my advice is don’t do it.

Task managers were needed in early versions of Android because it was poor at managing applications, however newer versions are much more efficient at ending applications, in fact Android no has a task manager built right into it.

Task managers that you download from the market will bog down your processor, and will use insane amounts of RAM, which will mag your phone slow, please stay away from them.

Anti-Virus software is in the same boat as task manager. After the recent Android virus scare, anti-virus software littered the marketplace. They are not needed. Android is perfectly safe without a virus killer. If you stick with the apps you know, and always have the Unknown sources option turned off you will be fine. However, if you do turn on the allow unknown sources option then you could get yourself in trouble.

Rooting your device
Rooting and hacking android devices has been around from the beginning, this is largely because Android is an open source operating system. Here is a word of warning though. If you do not know what you are doing when it comes to rooting, or flashing new firmware to your phone, stay away from it. You can easily break (or brick as it is known) your phone, and you will be stuck with a very expensive paperweight.

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