eCosPro developer’s kit for microMIPS

eCosPro developer’s kit for microMIPS

Colin Holland

5/16/2011 11:02 AM EDT

eCosCentric has ported its eCosPro open source real-time operating system (RTOS)

to the microMIPS instruction set architecture (ISA).

eCosCentric has also made available its eCosPro developer’s kit for the MIPS32 M14K and M14Kc cores, which are based on the microMIPS ISA.

This builds on support for other MIPS cores already offered by eCosCentric.

The M14K and M14Kc cores are the first MIPS32-compatible cores that also execute the new microMIPS ISA, achieving high performance of 1.5 DMIPS/MHz with an advanced level of code compression.

On these cores, the microMIPS ISA maintains 980f MIPS32 performance while reducing code size by up to 35 percent, translating  to significant silicon cost savings.

The eCosPro RTOS for the M14K and M14Kc cores enables users to choose from set of supported peripherals, network stacks and file systems.

The full Eclipse-based development environment that packages the RTOS and the eCosPro developer’s kits for MIPS cores were built and tested using standard MIPS reference designs.

The eCosPro Developer’s Kit for the M14K and M14Kc cores and microMIPS on the SEADTM-3 reference board is available directly from eCosCentric, with packages of support to suit teams of varying sizes.

eCosCentric can also tailor-build a run-time to meet customer requirements.



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