The world’s smallest wireless power receiver solution


The world’s smallest wireless power receiver solution

Easily integrate wireless charging into portable electronics with TI’s wireless power solutions

TI is excited to announce its next generation of wireless power technology,bq51013 wireless power receiver.

The bq51013 is Wireless Power Consortium Qi-compliant, which assures interoperability between various charging pads and portable electronics.

Key benefits and features
  • Highly-integrated and efficient wireless power receiver IC includes full-bridge synchronous rectification, voltage conditioning and wireless power control in one single device.
  • 1.9-mm x 3-mm WCSP package allows for easy integration with minimal size impact. Device PCB area reduced by 80-percent from first generation receiver solution, bqTESLA100LP.
  • Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi-compliance enables powering or charging from TI’s transmitter solution, and any Qi-compliant transmitter in the market.
  • Built in protection against voltage, current and temperature fault conditions, assure a safe and reliable system operation.
  • 93% peak efficiency reduces thermal rise inside the system while allowing charge rates comparable to AC adapter.



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