FSLBOT: Freescale Mechatronics Robot


Freescale Mechatronics Robot

Freescale’s Robot Kit that operates with the Tower System Mechatronics Board is an easy-to-use mechatronics development and demonstration platform. This toolset allows for the science of combining mechanics, electronics, and software into an integrated system. The kit includes four PWM controlled servos (actuators), metal legs, and the Tower System Mechatronics board that has a 3-axis accelerometer and a 12 channel touch sensor.  Through building the kit, you can experience what the 4 degree of freedom bipedal walking robot can do. 

The Tower System Mechatronics board is programmable in C/C++ using CodeWarrior and an on-board OSBDM flash programming tool. 

For fast prototyping or for individuals without C/C++ experience, the Tower System Mechatronics Board is supported by the Robot Vision Toolkit and RobotSee (a language as simple as BASIC with the power of C).




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